Friday, July 1, 2011

The Entertainment Industry Chaplains

The Entertainment Industry Chaplains
Providing love and care for Industry workers world-wide

"I once heard profit is the applause you get for taking care of customers
and your people." ~ Ken Blanchard, The One Minute Manager

"You can buy a person's hands, but you can't buy his heart. 
His heart is where his enthusiasm, his loyalty is." 
~ Stephen Covey

By establishing a network of chaplains, we serve people in crisis and trauma support, in sickness and in health. Our purpose is to put a chaplain in every community so as to bring hands on encouragement and support for entertainers, support staff and venues. We also install and support chaplain programs across globally.
Partner with us by becoming a Chaplain.
We provide both individuals and companies, both small and large, with a proven and pro-active approach in the personal care and well being of their employees. 

We do this in the form of a Chaplain Assistance Program (CAP).

We provide a “hands-on” approach that cares for the emotional, spiritual and social needs of individuals, a company’s employees and their families. Our emphasis is holistic in nature, we believe in caring for the whole person: heart, body, mind and spirit.

We believe that companies don’t hire employees; they hire human beings that are living through real human experiences that often, need a real human touch. A caring word, a listening ear or a compassionate smile can make all the difference in the world. When people are cared for and nurtured they experience growth in their capacity to be present to and more fully engaged in their work, in a more caring, creative and effective way. Isn't that what every company wants, to obtain "the best" from their people?...for everyone it is a win-win!

We invite you to consider partnering with us to care for you, and the heart of your company, your people. Let us help you care for them.


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