Why You Should Have A Chaplain

A large percentage of people today do not have any relationship with a church or other organized religious group. This situation is multiplied considerably for those involved in the Entertainment Industry. Often rushed for time, their beliefs and personal needs take a back seat to the performance schedules, meetings, deadlines, and agendas. However, the problems at home don't go away, they are simply brought as emotional baggage, wherever you go. The Entertainment Industry Chaplains was founded in 2004 to provide genuine caring for Industry Pro's, by people who understand and have lived the life of Entertainers.

Our Mission
"Our mission is to build caring relationships with real people. Our hope is gaining permission to share the life changing message Jesus the Messiah in a non-threatening manner and situations."

The organization has full time, part-time, long term, career and volunteer chaplains who combine real-world experience with professional chaplaincy training. In addition to having an appropriate and verifiable track record of experience preparing them for chaplaincy work, many also hold seminary level or higher degrees. All chaplains are strongly encouraged to pursue continuing education and certification to prepare themselves for future challenges, and to expand their skill sets.

The Entertainment Industry Chaplains desires to be where those employed in various aspects of the Industry turn when they have a need, as many people feel they have nowhere to turn at all. 

The organizational vision of The Entertainment Industry Chaplains is to train thousands of chaplains serving millions of people worldwide in the next 10 years.

The Entertainment Industry Chaplains incorporates a variety of means for caring for people. These include any or all of the following: confidential care giving, crisis intervention, critical incident care team specialists, management consultation, programs for worship or prayer, referral to other professionals and agencies, training and education for employees and supervisors, employee/community/church relations and programs, and special events scheduled in response to needs which arise. Some of our chaplains are specifically trained and available to travel to you, wherever you are in the world when the need arises. Whatever the scope of each family's problems or concerns, 
The Entertainment Industry Chaplains has a network of qualified and caring outsource providers that can help.

With literally tens of thousands of employees under chaplain care, neither 
The Entertainment Industry Chaplains, nor any of the other professional Chaplain organizations has ever encountered a complaint regarding overstepping the faith boundaries of a client. 

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