What We Do

Begun in 2004, The Entertainment Industry Chaplains exists to offer care to entertainers, their support staff and employees of entertainment related corporations with personal and professional life issues. This care is based on building caring relationships between chaplains and people, providing a level of care that is not often experienced. All relationships are permission based and confidential, so the individual requesting care is in charge of how deep and to what extent the relationship will grow.

The Entertainment Industry Chaplains implements a variety of means for caring for people at home, on the road and in the workplace. These include any or all of the following: confidential care giving, crisis intervention, critical incident care team specialists, management consultation, programs for worship or prayer, referral to other professionals and agencies, training and education for employees and supervisors, employee/community/church relations and programs, and special events scheduled in response to needs which arise at home, on the road, on location and in the workplace. Whatever the scope of each family's problems or concerns, The Entertainment Industry Chaplains has a network of qualified and caring outsource providers that can help.

With literally tens of thousands of employees under chaplain care, neither The Entertainment Industry Chaplains, nor any of the other various Chaplaincy support organizations have ever encountered a complaint regarding overstepping the faith boundaries of a client. 

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