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The Entertainment Industry Chaplains 
"Consulting & Care Programs for Entertainment Industry Professionals and Corporations"

I appreciate your wanting to know more about us. It's nice to know word about what we do is spreading. I'm one of those people who has any number of things going at the same time. "The Entertainment Industry Chaplains" is one of the main things that reflects my passion for life, the Industry I love and the people I care about.

The Entertainment Industry Chaplains provides counsel and support for Industry Professionals of all kinds, as well as up-and-coming talent and celebrities (by whatever definition you use for that strangely shifting concept). We practice two forms of Chaplaincy: Corporate Chaplaincy (as an Employee Care Program), and Individual Chaplaincy (one-on-one with people, also known as Spiritual Life Coaching). It would be similar in concept to military chaplains, but in both corporate and private settings.

Being a Chaplain isn't about forcing our worldview on others, it's about being a helping hand, or a shoulder to cry on when needed. Mostly, it's about being a friend.    

You can find out more about me on my personal site, www.TovRose.com. I am available for 
 interviews and speaking engagements. More information can be found here.For more information about my speaking topics, visit my Speaking page, or visit my Press Kit page to download a media/Speaker Kit.

My family has been in Entertainment for more than 150 years, and I am a licensed minister with a background in the Industry. I've performed and taught in thousands of venues nationwide, and on both sides of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. I am a published author. I've worked in theater, both as a lighting designer, and as an actor. I am a classically trained vocalist who's performed solo, with bands and groups of various musical genres. Most people wouldn't have a clue who I am, but there are thousands of people of select demographics and venues who would recognize me, or the groups of which I've been a member. I'm probably more well-known by entertainment industry insiders than the general public, which isn't a bad thing!

We would love to speak with you and be of any assistance we can for you, your artists, your company--your friend, or family. I've been immensely blessed and impressed by the power of social networking to connect people and many people find their way here from our profiles on various sites. I count among my dearest friends people I would never have otherwise met, because of it. If you know of someone we should probably meet, don't be afraid to let us know--although, you probably have some great insight about life we would no doubt find invaluable as well!

Of course, if you are open to our sharing what we do and why we do it out of our love for Jesus, I'm sure you'd make us quite happy.

Office number: 651-686-5600
E-mail: Chaplains@TheChaplains.org

Warm Regards,

-TOV Contact Information:
Name: - TOV (Pronounced: like "stove" no "s" no "e")
The Entertainment Industry Chaplains
PO Box 22231
Saint Paul MN 55122
E-MAIL: Chaplains@TheChaplains.org
Los Angeles: 310-574-2895
Manhattan: 917-720-8128
Nashville: 615-673-4159
Saint Paul: 651-686-5600
Fax: 845-698-5600

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